Rust-Oleum LeakSeal FAQ

Rust-Oleum LeakSeal FAQ

  • 11.

    How do I know if I must replace my roof, instead of restoring it?

    • Size of leaks – Small leaks like pinholes and cracks can be repaired. Large holes or full penetrations will need to be replaced

    • Deck Condition – If the existing deck is no longer structurally sound the entire roof system will need replacing

    • Age – If the roofing system is already past its life expectancy, it should be replaced.

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    What is a BUR?

    • A BUR, also known as a “Built-Up-Roof” is a continuous membrane of layered waterproofing materials such as fiberglass reinforced felts, adhered together using asphalt.

    • Commonly referred to as “Tar and Gravel” roof

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    How do I identify a BUR?

    • BURs commonly have insulation underneath the waterproofing felts or membrane.

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    Can I thin these products?

    • Absolutely not. Adding material will change the chemical makeup of the product, therefore changing the performance characteristics

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    When would you not use an acrylic coating?

    • Ponding situations