Rust-Oleum LeakSeal FAQ

Rust-Oleum LeakSeal FAQ

  • 21.

    What is a “single-ply”?

    • A “ply” refers to the number of layers of membrane adhered on top of each other. A single is one layer, double is two, etc.

  • 22.

    Can I thin these products?

    • Absolutely not. Adding material will change the chemical makeup of the product, therefore changing the performance characteristics.

  • 23.

    What if it rains between coats?

    • Water based products will wash. Do not allow these products to get wet during their cure time.

    • Acrylic based products will shed water. If they do get wet, ensure they have completely dried before another coat is applied on top.

    • Refer to spec data sheets to determine the makeup of the product, and the duration of cure time.

  • 24.

    How do I repair a blister?

    • See Blister Repair guide

  • 25.

    Should I use the rusty metal primer on metal that isn’t rusty?

    • No. The rusty metal primer adheres best to corroding metal

    • On smooth metal surfaces, no primer is required.