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How to Refresh Your Front Door

Give your your front door an entirely new look and feel with Rust-Oleum.


  1. Using a lint-free cloth, wipe all door and handle surfaces with Krud Kutter Gloss-Off to prep for paint. If possible, remove door hardware. If you are not able to remove the hardware, tape around it very carefully, masking the door surface, and then tape newspaper around a larger surrounding area of the door to protect it from over-spray.
  2. Place a drop cloth on the floor, open the door to increase ventilation and then add a coat of Universal spray paint to the handle and allow to dry. Apply a second coat if needed.
  3. If the hardware was removed, take it outside, place in a cardboard box, and spray with Universal spray paint. Once dry, apply a second coat if needed.
  4. To prep the door for painting, tape off any glass and trim, and mask edges where you don't want to paint. If you have spray painted the handles in place, wait 24 hours before using a painter's tape meant for delicate surfaces to mask the handles on the door.
  5. To paint, start by brushing any recessed areas and edges with a high-quality brush and Tremclad rust paint meant for metal surfaces.
  6. Using a mini nap roller, roll into the wet brushed edges to create a smooth paint finish.
  7. Allow to dry and re-coat as needed
  8. Remove painter's tape before the paint is completely dry, and reinstall handle if needed.