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DIY Modern Masters Wall Stencil Project

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  • Estimated Time

    3 Hours

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Use Modern Masters paint and stencil to decorate an accent wall in a dining room without the mess of wallpaper. Be on-trend with a metallic color, such as silver, to create a look that's uniquely yours.  

  1. Make sure your wall is clean and holes are filled, then paint a base coat color of your choice onto the wall. 
  2. Once the base coat paint is dry, use painter's tape to adhere the stencil to the wall. Start with your stencil in the center of your wall and work outward.
  3. Fill your paint tray with some metallic paint.
  4. Roll your small foam roller or stencil roller in metallic paint.
  5. Remove excess paint from the roller by rolling it once over a folded stack of paper toweling.
  6. Slowly roll the paint through the stencil with light to medium pressure until the entire stencil is filled. 
  7. Remove and reposition the stencil to line up with the previous pattern and repeat the process. 
  8. Let paint dry for approximately 1 hour before rehanging artwork.