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Milk Paint Small Wooden Bench

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  • Estimated Time

    1 Hour

  • Challenge Level


  • Tools & Supplies

    • Small Wooden Bench
    • High Quality Synthetic Paint Brush
    • Gloves
    • Drop Cloth
    • Paint Trays

Give your bathroom a little storage top and a lot of antique appeal. Rust-Oleum Milk Paint offers a matte finish with a lightly textured, brushed look to any piece. Apply long-lasting durability that won't chip away after years of use. 

  1. Open the milk paint can and stir the paint to ensure even pigment. Pour into a paint tray.
  2. Over a drop cloth, apply a light coat of paint to your surface with a high-quality synthetic paint brush in a “V” pattern to achieve a washed look. 
  3. Apply multiple coats to achieve desired coverage. Finish may be recoated after 30 minutes. Paint will have subtle texture.
  4. Allow to dry for approximately 1 hour.

TIP: Allow more time to dry at cooler temperatures. 

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