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Upgrade Your Garage Floor with RockSolid

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RockSolid performs under the toughest conditions,  leaving you with a beautiful finish no matter what it experiences. Messes will be easy to clean up when you have a RockSolid coating.

Step 1:  Clear your surface of loose particles, rust, oils and contaminants. 

Step 2:
Place a tarp on the ground and thoroughly mix the material in the pouch by shaking it both up and down and back and forth and squeezing each side of the pouch. Any clumps need to be massaged to break them up to ensure proper blending. 

Step 3:
 Combine the two components by placing the pouch on the ground and rolling it from the part A side towards the part B side.  This will create pressure in the part A side and force the middle seal to burst, allowing the two components to mix together. 

Step 4:
Thoroughly mix the materials by shaking the pouch back and forth and squeezing the edges and corners toward the center of the pouch. Mix for 2-3 minutes. Mix only one pouch at a time.

Step 5:  
Once the material is thoroughly mixed, use scissors to cut a corner off of the pouch and pour contents into mixing bucket.

Step 6:
Add the metallic tint (included) to bucket. Mix with a stir stick.

Step 7:
Pour the mixed material from the bucket directly onto the floor about a foot from the back corner wall in 4” wide ribbons, about 5’ long. Trim the edges from the poured ribbon of material using a good quality synthetic brush. Roll out the material in 5x5 foot sections for a desired spread rate of 100-125 square feet.

Step 8: Once a strip across the entire back wall has been coated, use the roller to put circular patterns in the coating (like applying wax to a car) to ensure there are not bare spots, and will give the coating an opaque appearance once dry. 

Step 9:
Repeat mixing and application process for each additional pouch.

Step 10:
Dry to the touch in 6-9 hours. Recoat between 12 hours and 7 days without sanding. Dry to foot traffic in 8-10 hours and dry to vehicle traffic in 24-36 hours.

TIP: Do not apply in direct sunlight. Do not coat the floor if it is raining or if extremely damp conditions exist.