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A fast and easy way to update your outdoor dining furniture is with Tremclad paint plus primer. This project is a budget-friendly way to refresh your patio. With Tremclad paint, you’ll be dining al fresco in only one day!

  1. Prepare your pieces. Depending on the state of your metal furniture, you can sand the surface or use a wire brush if there is a lot of rust. Using the sand paper or wire brush will remove any rust and old paint, allowing the paint to adhere properly.

  2. Clean the surfaces with a damp cloth. Now that the pieces are sanded, use a damp cloth to wipe away any dust or debris.

  3. Tape off or cover sections that are not going to be painted. For the chairs, I created and cut out a template to cover the seat. The table did not need to be covered.

  4. Paint! Now you're ready to start painting. If you have many pieces, like an outdoor dining set, the Rust-Oleum grip handle is a huge help! Paint a light first coat with back-and-forth motions. The best part about the Tremclad paint is that you can use it upside down, which really helps to get even coverage.

  5. Chairs - wait about 30 minutes then apply another coat. I applied three coats total for the best coverage. Table - for ease I took the table apart to paint it, I waited 30 minutes between coats and then around 2 hours for the first side to dry before flipping over.

  6. Let cure for a day before using or setting up your dining set. You don’t want the paint to chip or smudge.

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