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DIY Outdoor Chandelier

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  • Estimated Time

    2 Hours

  • Challenge Level


  • Tools & Supplies

    • Any light fixture – NEW or OLD!
    • Painter's Tape
    • Drop Cloth Or Old Sheet
    • Protective safety mask
    • Ladder if the chandelier is suspended
    • The willingness to try something new!

Before you go and spend money on a new light fixture, why not try and Spray New Life into it and see if you can love what you already have?

Step 1 – If it is an old chandelier, remove any crystals or beads. 

Step 2 – Lightly clean the light fixture if it is not brand new.

Step 3 – Place a drop cloth under the chandelier. Tape off the ceiling if you do not want to remove the light fixture. I have painted numerous chandeliers on the ground and it takes a few days of rotating the chandelier to get every crevice, so if you have a spot to hang the chandelier that is ideal.

I completed this project in a few hours because it was hanging and easy to get the spray paint into every spot!

Step 4 – Apply Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Pure Gold. Don’t worry about covering every spot!

Step 5a – Now this is important! DO NOT wait for the Universal Metallic Pure Gold to dry, but rather quickly start applying the Universal Metallic Antique Brass in patches.

Applying the second colour while the first colour is still wet allows them to blend together to create a more authentic antique appearance.

Step 5b –Do not cover the whole fixture with the Universal Metallic Antique Brass, but rather only apply it in areas where the “sun” would have caused the gold to discolour and darken naturally.

Step 6 – Observe any spots you may have missed and go back over with Universal Metallic Pure Gold, and then again add touches of Universal Metallic Antique Brass.

Step 7 – Have a look at your chandelier and see if you like the ratio of the Pure Gold colour to the Antique Brass colour. Remember when you are DIY’ing, it is also personal preference and you can tweak things to your exact taste! I went back over mine and applied more Pure Gold where it was too dark and applied more Antique Brass in areas I wanted to look more vintage!

Step 8 – Let the chandelier dry for approximately 1 hour.

Step 9 – Re-attach any crystals or beads. I wanted this DIY chandelier to have a more minimalistic feel so I actually left a lot of the crystals off.

Step 10 – For an extra touch, I purchased flame tip lightbulbs to give the DIY chandelier a more vintage feel!

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Brittany Hislop ( White Farmhouse ) is the Co-founder of Vintage Society Co.; an interior design and home decor business. Brittany’s family of 5 live in Rural Alberta and love living a quiet, simple life!