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I chose to refresh my husband's grandmother's old sewing table that we acquired a few years ago. This piece is solid with great bones, and I’ve transformed it into a great side table for our family room.

  1. I recommend painting outside. First, remove all hardware and hinges that require painting.
  2. Give your piece of furniture a thorough cleaning and remove any dust or debris.
  3. Spray the hardware with Universal Metallic Copper Rose paint. I recommend two coats, with ample drying time in between.
  4. For the table, spray the sides, back and legs with Painter’s Touch Satin Black. If you are not spraying the entire unit, I recommend using painter’s tape to protect the piece from overspray. Let dry and repeat with second coat.
  5. Finally, spray the top and front panel (the areas that were not painted black) with a coat of Clear Satin. This gives the wood a new, clean, matte look!
  6. Let paint dry for 24 hours, reassemble and enjoy!
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    I was inspired to begin the House on Squires account in late 2018 to immerse myself and engage within the decor community. My husband Dwain and I share our home with our two teenage children, and have been on a journey to make our builder spec home our own custom paradise since 2005. I have had a passion for design and DIY since a very young age, and I hope to encourage others with my cost effective DIY and decor projects. We have big plans for more projects, and to rebuild in the future.