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Another man’s junk is Love Create Celebrate’s treasure! This find went from free to priceless in just one day thanks to Varathane and a little TLC.

Step 1: If you are removing drawers to create a shelf, take out the drawers and remove the drawer rails.

Step 2: Apply paint stripper generously to entire piece of furniture to remove previous finish. Follow product instructions and wait time accordingly.

Step 3: Using a putty knife, scrape off previous finish. 

Step 4: Sand to remove any remaining stain and varnish. Sand lightly if your piece has only a wood veneer. After using the paint stripper, the old stain and varnish should come off easily.

Step 5: Remember to complete these steps on the wooden legs as well, if you choose to stain. If you are spray painting the legs, wipe them down with acetone and use Painter’s Touch 2X to finish.

Step 6: Once the piece is sanded, fill scratches and marks with Varathane Wood Filler. If you removed drawer rails during step one, you will need to fill those holes as well.

Step 7: Measure the opening for your new shelf and cut wood to size. Try to find a piece that matches the wood of your sideboard.

Step 8: Put wood glue on each end of the shelf and attach using brad nails.

Step 9: Before staining, use Varathane Premium Wood Conditioner on your sideboard to help the stain absorb easily and evenly.

Step 10: Stain furniture with Varathane wood stain of choice. We used Varathane Premium Wood Stain in Dark Walnut. Follow product instructions accordingly and add as many coats as needed until you get the desired darkness.

Step 11: To finish, use Varathane Professional Clear Finish to protect your piece. 

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